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Most people don't realize that building a brand goes beyond designing a logo. It's so much deeper than that. People don't know what all has gone in to your brand icon and the stories that it holds. Your brand is a combination of everything: the successes and failures, the triumphs and defeats, and every other step along the way. People want to know how your business got to where it is today. The best way to tell people your story is through creative content. Make your story come alive. Choose BassTrapp Media.

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Wagoner Green



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The McMillan Law Firm

This Houston client came to us in need of a website that could be built quickly quickly, while still looking very professional. BassTrapp Media was able to deliver by focusing on sleek and simple design, and mobile compatibility. The client desired to promote his legal services, and therefore we accomplished the goal of creating a website with the look and feel worthy of the quality of work Mr. McMillan provides his clients.

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As a startup, Jp Sol needed a brand to get off to a fast start. With a passion for talent and delivering value as a quality resource vendor, we helped them shape their brand to what it is today.

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The Fresh Dispense project included the discovery phase of My Fit Foods. The company was searching for methods to increase profits, sales, as well as brand recognition. We established a new brand concept, via visual design and market research.

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Taylor & Taylor Designs came to us with a need for a quick turnaround with their website. Working hand-in-hand with their team, we were able to create a site that showcased all their incredible work and conducted it in a very timely manner.

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Wagoner Green is a high-end bespoke tailoring business that needed to reach men looking for authenticity in their clothing. The company serves men of white collar business class who are interested in classic, yet modern fashion and wish to receive a completely original and tailored look. Through photography, content that fit the message, and the choice of grayscale, this project was fun and a success.

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The Sons Of History

The Sons of History has taken on the gamut of branding and marketing through video production, podcasting, and social media. The brainchild of Alan Wakim and BassTrapp Media owner Dustin Bass, the history-focused program continues to grow and become more and more creative with its educational and entertaining approach.

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