Social media: The expansive digital marketing opportunity many businesses don't take advantage of.

Social media obviously works for businesses, but is social media working for your business? It all comes down to how you are using it. Do you have a plan of action that sells your product and sells the value of your brand? We understand the difference between the two and the importance of doing both.

What we offer:

  • Social Media Ad Campaigns
  • Facebook Live Events
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Our Recent Work

We specialize in creative content and there is no better place to utilize creativity than through social media. We develop creative content, like videos and photo galleries, for businesses using Facebook and Instagram. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done for our clients via these two platforms.

Client Facebook Posts

Wagoner Green is a bespoke tailor located in the Houston area. We took over his Facebook page and began pushing his brand, which included creating conversations within the fashion industry. One of the first posts we did for him was based on a question we more or less asked in passing. We created a post using numerous photos we found of the subject and then submitting the owner's perspective and reason for his choice. The post was fun and engaging, and actually saw more engagements than impressions, which is quite rare.

The Sons of History is a weekly history podcast that continues to make headway in the history field. The founders were recently picked up by The Epoch Times to be guest authors for the media organization on the subjects of history and education. One of the first articles written hit 161 Shares in less than a week. This bodes well for the power of networking, which BassTrapp Media had a large hand in.

Client Facebook Videos

Our favorite video thus far happened in October of 2019. We had a great idea that our client fell in love with. We created a show that mirrored the likes of the HGTV and Food Network Halloween competitions. This one was called "The Pumpkin Master Championships." Before we released the show in its entirety, we released the Official Trailer. It was a big hit with patients and the dental staff as well.

The hype continued from the trailer to the release of the Full Episode. The full scale production conducted strictly with iPhones came together perfectly. After video and sound editing, adding the right music and graphics, and everything else in between, we released the episode to live audience. They loved it!

Building off the success of the Halloween projects, we needed to create something for Thanksgiving, though a bit more heartfelt for the specific holiday. We decided to get with a majority of the team members and ask them the simple question: "What are you thankful for?" It's a great question we should all ask ourselves every year. The question was followed up with some great answers. The response to this heartwarming video was great as well.

Just like our Thanksgiving video, we asked a similar question to the Tippit Dental team members: "What is your favorite Christmas tradition?" As unexpected, we received some pretty elaborate answers.

Speaking of Thanksgiving. We conducted a similar video with another client, giving them a moment to express their gratitude about the year they've had, among other things.

When it comes to contests, it is hard to beat the ones put on at Tippit Dental Group. They have had an annual Pumpkin and Gingerbread House creation contest each October and December, respectively. This year we instituted Instagram into the mix for voting. We had a huge turnout of votes for both, which proves that customers won't hesitate to engage. Between the two, we had nearly 600 votes (596 to be exact). And this was all done organically.

We utilized graphic art to go with each gallery post, which helped engage followers and our content made it easy to understand how to vote.

Out of all four dental offices, there were 26 pumpkins entered, and there were some awesome ones. Presentation is always a big factor in getting engagement. Here is the Halloween contest for just one of the four dental offices:

The Gingerbread House contest was a little different with just one House submitted per office. We made sure to add some Christmas flare to the photos by adding backgrounds of trees, snowy hills, and even a night sky. Although the Gingerbread Houses weren't as extravagant as the pumpkins, the photos of them were really festive. This really added to the look and feel, as well as the holiday spirit of it all. See how they looked in the Instagram feed:

Instagram Social Media

Our last one to highlight was an Instagram only video we created to help promote the company's new platform. This was a Christmas-themed video post for Tippit Dental Group. Our idea was to have the dental teams from each office sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," while wearing cheek retractors. It turned into a hilarious video that got a lot of comments for the new platform. We spliced the teams singing together to form one cohesive song, along with a soundtrack that may or may not have had to be sped up and slowed down to keep up with the singers. This was a great opportunity to shine the light on the Instagram accounts for each office. Check out the video below:

We want the very best for our clients, which is why we are constantly coming with clever ideas for them. From straightforward to comedic and everything else in between, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to create the best social media presence in their industries.

We can provide you with amazing ideas and also execute them. Brings us on board with your team and see how we can make a huge impact on your social media presence.