We Focus On Who You Are

No matter where you are in your business, BassTrapp Media can bring your entire brand journey together and tell it through creative and engaging visual mediums.

We make it happen through three specific creative content methods:

1. Video Production

Much like any tool, it all comes down to how you wield it. That’s what...never mind. When it comes to video production, your goals should fit your needs

Brand Story Videos

Maybe no one knows what your business is about or why you are in business. A branding and history video would be the type of video you would want.

Testimonial Videos

If your business is new, but it does great work, then get some of your favorite customers to tell their customer experience story. Testimonial videos are the route you would take.

Social Media Content

Or maybe you just want more engagement on social media, short videos that are funny, insightful or informative are ideal and gain a lot of traction.

We capture your best moments

The best photography happens when your being you.

2. Photography

Stock photos use to be considered the standard. Now they are the quickest way to dilute your brand. People want to see real people, and real places. Professional photography is a huge part of making your brand believable.


Wagoner Green


HM General Contractors

Coming Soon

Tippit Dental Group

3. Writing

Our creative content can be seen in the websites we work on to film to photography to social media content. Contingent on your needs, we create the ideas that will make your brand story come alive.

  • Script Writing

  • Copy Writing

  • Facebook Ads

  • PPC Ad Creation

  • Blogging

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