They say if you really want to accomplish a goal, “Write it down first.”

Somehow your brain just seems to pay more attention to your thoughts when you jot down what your goals are. Think of business plans. Bucket lists. The US Constitution. It all has and had to be written down. But when it comes to creative writing, that’s a different animal.

Who is doing your writing? Who is a writer in your company? Anyone? Raise your hand, please. No hands? That’s a problem. Cause you're gonna need it.

Writing is how you create your message. And remember that it isn’t just what you say, but it is how you say it.

Sticking with the Theme

One of the primary aspects in writing that business owners get wrong when sending out their message is losing sight of the theme. I don’t simply mean writing about the mission of the business with every marketing piece that goes out.

I mean choosing a theme that may be part of your business, but is not the heart of your business, and pushing it. Or choosing a marketing campaign and sticking with it through the duration.

Big businesses do this all the time. Arguably the most famous is GEICO. That pick themes and stick with them. Just look at these four examples of the Gecko, “Surprising?”, “Did you know?”, and of course, The Caveman.

That do not err from the theme, and with that in mind, they can go just about anywhere with their theme. Just think of all the various ways GEICO has said the same exact thing in these four different campaigns.

Where does this come from? Good writing. Creative writing. You need to have a mind for good, clear, and creative writing. And if you don’t have that mind, then you need to find that mind. If you looked around you when we asked for a show of hands and you didn’t see any, then you should get with us. Writing = Creating. Creating = BassTrapp.