HM General Contractors has been in business since 2000 and has been designing and building in numerous industries. Our goal has been to push their finished products to the public to showcase their abilities as a company.

We have been producing content for their Facebook page, which has seen constant growth. Here are some of the social posts we've created, including videography and photography:

Social Media Posts

This was the first video we created for the company. This Thanksgiving video was a way for the team to convey some personality to their Facebook followers.

With this project, HM General Contractors took a step outside of their comfort zone. We used some humorous and catchy text, along with numerous photos to catch users' attention.

Everyone loves a good Christmas party. We captured a number of shots (even with the dark lighting) of the memorable night and it got some good traction on social media. Check out some of the photos.


When it comes to construction companies, photography is a must. The team built out some really incredible locations, covering dental, optometry, and medical facilities (and even some "outside of their comfort zone"). Here are some shots we took of their finished locations, as well as some of the HM General Contractors staff.